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Web Design in Miami

In the “modern era” of search, website design must be approached from the view of the major search engines. Today’s designers and developers need to understand that every decision they make when building the site will have an impact on the search results received by that website. It’s no longer good enough to just be a creative designer, you also have to be a proficient marketer and SEO / SEM specialist.

At Botics, our team of developers come from a strong SEO background. Since the inception of the public web, we’ve been programming sites based on appealing to the target markets of our clients and, more recently, the requirements of the search engines. While the “flavor of the month” continually changes in regards to programming languages, we have found a comfortable and effective blend of HTML, PHP and CSS which produce great results.

Your new website from Botics will be the best you’ve ever had, and produce results directly helping your bottom line.  View some of our samples below and contact us today for a quote.

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